Skoči na glavno vsebino


All students can voluntary participate in a wide variety of extracurricular activities, which enrich their lives and give them an opportunity to develop their talents and potentials and help them grow their self-esteem. Some current activities are: Drama Club, School Choir, Group for Skit, Photography Club, Astronomy Club, Technology Club, Film Club, Volunteering, Tutorship, School Newspaper Club, Creative Writing, Entrepreneurship, Architecture Course, Robotics, Sports-Orienteering, Lacemaking, Preparations for Competitions in different subjects and more. Together with students we take pride in many achievements that result from the student’s hard work, persistence, enthusiasm and talent. Students thus have the opportunity to show their achievements in form of a cultural event (Mavrica generacij – Rainbow of Generations, Kulturni maraton – Cultural Marathon), a theatrical performance, an exhibition, competitions, an accomplishment etc.


Our students are actively involved in Erasmus+ projects (AirNet, inTime21, Vocational Training), which help them develop their organisational skills, raise their self-confidence and develop their communication and cooperation skills. When attending students’ meetings or working abroad, the attendants get the opportunity to develop European values and become aware of the differences among people and cultures and thus learn how to be tolerant. There are other current projects that enable our students to use and develop their creativity and work on sustainability and entrepreneurship, for example Green Mobility and Dream Machine.

Research Work

Every year our school organizes and hosts the Regional meeting of young researchers in the North Primorska region where young researchers have the opportunity to present their work in different fields. In 2014/15 one of our students was a member of a Slovene team that attended the 2015 International Genetically Engineered Machine competition in Boston. They returned with a gold medal for the best high school project. Only a month later three students were awarded the 1st prize for research work in Chemistry presented at Mostratec in Brazil (Science and Technological Fair). Just some of our achievements have been mentioned here, but you can follow our home page or check the photo album to see for yourself.