Skoči na glavno vsebino

Much valuable experience has been gained from the beginning of implementing Koncept vzgojno izobraževalnega dela z nadarjenimi dijaki v srednjem izobraževanju ( Concept of Gifted Education in Secondary Schools) in 2007 (Council of Experts of the Republik of Slovenia for General Education) to the value it holds today. The experience covers various fields, such as gifted students’ identification, preparing and performing individualized education programmes, organizing and adapting teaching and learning methods for gifted students, the interdisciplinary approach, accelaration and evaluation of the education work on the basis of the commonly developed indices and criteria. It is the school managment’s support great involvement of the teaching staff in its lenthy and systematic introduction that enable such a quality programme and implementation of gifted education. We believe it is important to provide encouriging and creative environment, which supports both: students who have been identified gifted as well as those who still want to develop their potential.